Who We Are?

Who we are?

ANS Group is a diversified Market Intelligence, Analytics, Legal and Management Consulting Group organized into three verticals - ANS Management ConsultingANS MarketPro, and ANS IPR Protect. Our ANS MarketPro vertical serves global Fortune 500 companies with cutting edge Market Research and Analytics involved in Energy, Automotive, Chemicals & Materials, Information & Communication Technology, FMCG & Durables, Industrial Products, and Healthcare sectors.


We provide innovative, bottom-up and methodological approach to Market Research and Analytics using an artificial intelligence based proprietary models SurveyIntel Pro ©, EcoAnlayticsPro © and MarketIntel Pro  ©.  Behind our market research reports are Applied Econometrics which includes both macro-econometrics and micro-econometrics and high end market intelligence. We combine data and theory and provide with more powerful opportunities to advance scientific market knowledge. Data analysis in our research projects include qualitative methods coded with quantitative data analysis. This helps our clients to identity the similarities and differences between the responses and content analysis. 


We provide a completely different strategic perspective that breaks away from the mold of conventional strategic approaches used by most commoditized products and services companies and help global clients critically analyse business and consumer markets and guide them to be ahead of the curve in hyper-competitive and emerging markets. 


We help our clients in creating a unique value proposition for their current and potential target market segments with a customer centric approach and concentrate on customer bonding as the traditional entry barriers raised by conventional companies are being challenged with the emergence of e-business and e-commerce based on digital platforms which have an unimagined potential for direct communication with the end-user.


ANS MarketPro - Market Research Solutions

Our Syndicated and Customised Market Research Reports cover Market Intelligence & Analytics, Market Entry Strategy, Competitor Analytics, Pre-feasibility studies, Commodity Market Dynamics Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Consumer Analytics, and Financial Analytics. 


ANS MarketPro - Team of Industry Experts

Our core team consists of international Industry Experts, Economists, Forecasters, Financial consultants, Chartered Accountants, Legal experts and Journalists, having a collective experience of 100 years which are spread across the globe.



ANS MarketPro - Industry Coverage




Who buys our Market Intelligence and Analytics reports?

  • Integrated service provider with full-spectrum capabilities or a specialized provider
  • Operators
  • Investors & financial advisors
  • Potential entrants
  • Government Organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • Academic Institutions


Executives who previously procured our reports:

  • Project Managers
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Systems Integration Lead
  • Business Development Manger Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Strategic Development
  • Vice President Product Development
  • Director 
  • Senior Industry Lead