Natural Gas Market in India, 2018-2025: Analytics, Value Chain, Strategy, Investment, Pricing and Competitor Mapping, By End-user (Power Sector, Fertilizers Sector, Petrochemicals, CGD and Industrial), Value Chain (E&P, Natural Gas Pipelines, LNG terminals, and City Gas Distribution), and Geography

 MEC-SS-5075  Nov, 2017   Category: energy

Natural Gas Market in India, 2018-2025: Analytics, Value Chain, Strategy, Investment, Pricing and Competitor Mapping, By End-user (Power Sector, Fertilizers Sector, Petrochemicals, CGD and Industrial), Value Chain (E&P, Natural Gas Pipelines, LNG terminals, and City Gas Distribution), and Geography 


1.  Research Methodology

1.1. Primary Research

1.2. Statistical and econometrics Techniques

1.2.1. Time Series Analysis

1.2.2. Regression Analysis

1.2.3. Moving Averages

1.3 Secondary Research

1.4. Scenario Analysis

1.5. Data Sources

2. Executive Summary

3. Economic Profile of India: Present and Future 

4. Primary Energy Mix of India

4.1. Historical Perspective: 2000-01 to 2015-16

4.2. Forecast 2017- 2025

5. Natural Gas Market in India: Introduction

6. Technology Paradigm and Evolution

6.1. Oil and Gas Exploration

6.2. Midstream: Natural Gas Transmission Gas pipeline

6.3. Downstream: City Gas Distribution

7. Natural Gas Reserves & Supplies in India

7.1. Natural Gas Reserves

7.2. Natural Gas Supply: Historical & Forecast

7.2.1. Historical Supplies, 2000-2015

7.2.1 Conventional Coal Bed Methane

7.2.2. Supply Forecast 2015-2025

7.2.1 Conventional

7.2.2 Unconventional Coal Bed Methane Shale Gas Natural Gas Hydrates

7.3. International pipeline supplies

8. Liquefied Natural Gas infrastructure and contracts

8.1. Existing LNG Terminals

8.2. Under Construction LNG Terminals

8.3. Expansion LNG Terminals

8.4. Greenfield: Proposed

8.5. Existing and Proposed LNG contracts

9. Natural Gas Policies: Exploration & Production 

9.1. Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy (HELP)

9.2. Pre-New Exploration Licensing Policy

9.3. New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP)

9.4. Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OLAP)

9.5. Discovered Small Fields

9.6. Coal Bed Methane (BM)

9.7. Shale oil and gas

9.8. Natural Gas Hydrates

10. Financial Model: Bidding for Upstream projects and Model

Revenue sharing contract

10.1. Supply Model

10.2. Revenue Model

10.3. Cost Model

10.4. Financial Returns

11. Natural Gas Prices and Pricing in India

11.1. Historical perspective

11.2. Current pricing policy

11.3. Future pricing policy

11.4. Natural Gas Pricing in India-Imported: RLNG

12. Natural Gas Demand projection

12.1. Approach and Methodology

12.2. Historical Demand 2000-2014- By Consumer Segment: Power Sector, Fertilizers Sector, Petrochemicals, CGD and Industrial

12.3. Demand Projections 2016-2025- By Consumer Segment: Power Sector, Fertilizers Sector, Petrochemicals, CGD and Industrial

12.4. Market Demand projections, 2016-2025

12.4.1. By Geography

12.4.2. Along the natural Gas Pipeline

13. Natural Gas Midstream Segment

13.1. Natural Gas Pipelines in India

13.2.1. Existing

13.2.2. Under Construction

13.2.3. Brownfield

13.2.4. Greenfield: Proposed

14. Natural Gas pipeline regulations in India

14.1. Natural Gas Pipeline Tariffs

14.2. Tariff Regulations

14.3. Pipeline Tariffs

14.3.1 Tariff Computation methods

14.3.2 The cost-of-service method

14.3.3 The negotiated rate method

14.3.4 The market-based rate method

14.4. Rate Design/ Recovery of tariff

14.4.1 Postalized Tariffs

14.4.1 Mileage Based Rates

14.4.1 Zoned Rates

14.4.1 Entry-Exit rates

14.4.1 Zonal Postalized rates

14.4.1 Calculation of Zoned Rates for Pipeline U.S.A

14.4.1 Calculation of Dekatherm-Miles               

14.5. Natural Gas Pipeline Authorization Regulations

14.6. Natural Gas Pipeline Technical Regulations

15. Natural Gas Pipeline Financial Bidding Model

15.1. Typical Components of Natural Gas Pipeline Project


15.1.1. Demand Model

15.1.2. Revenue Model

15.1.3. Cost Model

15.1.4. Financial Returns

15.1.5. Tariff

16. Natural Gas Downstream Segment

16.1. City Gas Distribution Networks in India

16.1.1. Existing CGD projects

16.1.1. Under Construction CGD projects

16.1.1. Brownfield CGD projects

16.1.1. Greenfield: Proposed cities CGD projects

16.2. City Gas Distribution Tariffs

16.2.1 Tariff Regulations

16.2.2 CGD Tariffs

16.3. City Gas Distribution Authorization: Regulations

16.4. Profitability from CGD based on R-LNG

16.5. Marketing Exclusivity

17. City Gas Distribution Financial Bidding Model

17.1. Typical Components of CGD Infrastructure Project

17.1.1 Demand Model

17.1.2 Revenue Model

17.1.3 Cost Model

17.1.4 Financial Returns

18. M&A Activities and impact on Industry Structure

19. Taxation Policy and Policy Rates

19.1. Upstream

19.2. Mid-Stream

19.3. Downstream

20. International Perspective

20.1. Petroleum regimes in a Legal context

20.2. Petroleum Regimes in Fiscal context

20.3. Production Sharing Contract Versus Revenue sharing Contract

20.4. Natural Gas Pipeline Tariff computation methodologies

20.5. International Natural Gas Pipeline Tariff computation methodologies

21. Natural Gas Contracting

21.1. Model Gas Supply Agreement

21.2. Model Gas Tariff Agreement

21.3. Model Revenue Sharing Contract

22. Industry Player Profiles and Financial Analytics

22.1 Integrated Oil and Gas players: Domestic and International

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)


Hindustan Oil Exploration Company (HOEC)

Oil India Limited (OIL)

Essar Oil Limited (EOL)

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)

British Petroleum

Niko Resources

22.2. Midstream

GAIL (India) Limited

Petronet LNG Limited (PLL)

Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL)

Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL)

22.3. Downstream Players


Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)

Mahanagar Gas Limited

Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited

Siti Energy Limited (SEL)

Sanwariya Gas Limited (Foremerly DSM Infratech)

Central UP Gas Limited (CUPL)

Sabarmati Gas Limited (SGL)

Gujarat Gas Limited (GGCL)

Gujarat Adani Energy Limited (GAEL)

Bhagyanagar Gas Limited (BGL)

Aavantika Gas Limited (AGL)

Green Gas Limited (GGL)

Tripura Natural Gas Limited (TNGCL)

22.4. Equipment Suppliers and Oil Field Services Suppliers

Jindal Drilling

Deep Industries

Aban Offshore

Duke Offshore

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises

Alphageo (India)

Selan Exploration Technology

Interlink Petroleum Limited (IPL)

Asian Oilfield Services

SVOGL Oil Gas and Energy (Formerly Shiv-Vani Oil and Gas Exploration Services Limited)

23. Case Studies

23.1. Development of PSAs in Indonesia

23.2. Angola: Tough PSA Terms are no Deterrent

23.3. Iran's Buy-Back Tender: Production-Sharing or Service Agreements?

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